DTF UV Label

DTF UV Label
DTF UV Label
DTF UV Label
DTF UV Label
DTF UV Label
DTF UV Label
DTF UV Label
DTF UV Label
DTF UV Label


DTF UV Label

Product description:
UV DTF Film is using a brand new UV printing technology which is the normal UV Printing method that can’t make it. The image can be printed directly on the glue based A film & laminated with the B retransfer film. This is the good solution to solve the problem of transfer the image to various objects especially uneven, irregular & concave-convex surfaces which are all can’t print it by using UV printer.

Now you can print out the design and easily transfer it to the surfaces such as glass material, wood material, resin material, plastic material, ceramic material, etc, and no other processing is required.

The pattern has both glossiness and embossed effect, good hand feeling, and can be produced in small batches.

# Vibrant colors and lifelike printing;
# Glossy surface and embossed effect, soft hand feeling;
# Waterproof, sunscreen, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance;
# Suitable for most materials and films, not limited by material and shape, it can paste to any hard surface.

As compared to LASER PRINTING:
The printing effect of uv film is more beautiful, and the colors are bright and diverse. Can be used on irregular hard surfaces.

As compared to SCREEN PRINTING:
UV printing method has a lower initial investment (lower cost and less user experience required), and no pretreatment is required, which is more environmentally friendly. Can be used on irregular hard surfaces.

Additional Information:
A & B film for DTF UV Label Material:

Outdoor type, high temperature resistance of 100 degrees.
  1. 100 sheets/pack of A printing film (A3~297mm~420mm)
  2. One roll of B heat transfer film, (a roll of 100 meters can produce 200 sheets of A3)

Cultural paste production operation process
Core technology (for tablet)

  1. The equipment must be configured as white~color~ and varnish. The printer's ink configuration is white soft ink, color soft ink, and varnish neutral ink!
  2. Special benefits~ For machines without varnish, please use neutral ink.
  3. Cover the transfer film, and the matte surface must be attached to the glue surface. Otherwise, it won't tear off. The film temperature is 80 degrees, the slower the better.

4 steps to get your DIY product!
Used for hard substrates such as glass, acrylic board, wood, board, metal, leather etc.
  1. Print the pattern on the A film with UV Printer
  2. After printing, laminate the A film + B film with roll laminator.
  3. Cut out the desired pattern and paste it on the material to be transfered.
  4. Press the pattern repeatedly, slowly tear open the transfer film, finished.


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DTF UV Crystal Label

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